Missing "Upload" Option

If you log in to your Brainshark account and do not have the option to Upload/Create a Presentation, your authoring permissions must be edited by a Company Administrator of the site. Create a ticket with Brainshark Support so that a Customer Support Representative can reach out to your Administrator with your request.

Company Administrators – A user will have to have the below permissions enabled in their profile to author content.

  1. Navigate to Administration
  2. Click on Manage Users
  3. Locate the user whose permissions you are looking to edit
  4. Click on their last name when you have located them > Edit profile
  5. Scroll down to User Privileges and ensure that “User can create presentations from upload” is selected > Submit
  6. Scroll up and select Set Permissions under Manage Groups > Edit User
  7. Give the user authoring permissions to at least one folder in the site (They need these permissions to be an Author in Brainshark) > Submit
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