Why are slides not automatically advancing?




  • Larry Stout

    I have this problem using Office 365 and cannot locate the options tab you reference.  The only option menu is in the File tab and it contains no such check item that i can locate.  Same problem with Manage Slides, can't find it.

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  • Patrick Kelly

    Hi Larry, 

    If you have certain rights, there should be an Options tab at the top (vs. left side) of your screen that looks like this:

    Then, at the very bottom of the Options page, there would be a check box next to User must click 'play' to advance that you would want to make sure is not checked:

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  • Marley

    What application is this article applying to? I'm having trouble with the timing feature on PowerPoint, and my slides won't change automatically. Any tips?

    Or is there a better site I should use instead? I'm trying to have a slideshow of videos that switches slides and loops the presentation automatically. 


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  • Andrew D

    Hi Marley,

    This article is applying to the My Content section of the Brainshark application when editing presentations. If you are looking to modify the time between slides in a Brainshark you can adjust the slide duration by doing the following:

    1. Edit the Presentation
    2. Click on Manage Slides under the Things you can do Menu
    3. Click Edit on the slide you wish to adjust the duration for
    4. Change the number (in seconds) under Duration to adjust the length of the slide
    5. Click Save or Apply

      To have the slideshow loop automatically this can be done by following the steps of This Article.

      If you have any additional questions please contact Support.
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