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The Training Portal’s user interface is different from mine. How
can I get this applied to our site?The new training portal was built in the new Brainshark user interface. If your company is still on the
classic UI and you would like to upgrade to the new UI, send an email to (The
request must come from a Company Administrator.)


How come some of the content in the new Training portal still
shows the classic UI?

It will take us a few months to update all training content. As of October 19, 2017, all authoring courses
in the certification programs have been updated. Since most of the changes to the UI were cosmetic,
you’ll find that the processes demonstrated in the training content is still relevant. View the one-minute
Training Site Quick Tour or the more detailed Content Portal Overview, which you’ll find in the "Featured Content" section of the Training portal. 

What’s happening with the BAIT Site?

Updates to the Brainshark application have allowed us to move away from having two separate sites for
content (formerly our On-demand portal for content search and BAIT site for certifications) and separate
web pages for each series. All certification programs that are in the BAIT site can now be found in the
new Training portal, updated to the new UI. The BAIT site will remain active for those who’ve already
started their courses, but we will eventually retire this site.

The BAIT registration presentations have been redirected to the Get Certified presentation shown below.
From now on, please point all new Brainshark users to the Training portal for certification. The Get
Certified presentation is in the Featured Content section of the site and will explain how to create an
account and enroll in the right program. You can also share this presentation directly with your Brainshark


What happened to the Training Series pages that were on the
Help & Training site?

The Administrator Series and the Learning Administrator Series are now curriculums. View the Get
Certified presentation to learn how to create an account and enroll.

All other training series’ that were posted on the Help & Training site can be found in the new Training
portal through the Topic filter.


How do I register for live training?

The main customer training page on the Brainshark web site contains links to the new Training Portal and
Live Training. Go to


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