How do I use my iPhone/iPod touch as a remote control?

You can use your iPhone or iPod Touch, as a remote control for SlideShark on the iPad.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. SlideShark App Version  4.3.1 or later
  2. iOS 7.0 or later

To get setup, you can view our online tutorial (located here:, or you can follow the steps below: 

1. Enable Bluetooth on both devices: 
Tap on the "Settings" icon on your device 
Find the "Bluetooth" setting on the left-hand side, and slide the setting to "On" 
2. Open the SlideShark app on both your iPad and your iPhone 
3. Click on the remote control icon on the lower left-hand side of the app (the icon is a small rectangle with 4 arrows on it) and for both the iPad and remote device, slide the "Remote Control" setting to "On" 
4. Note the "Remote control PIN" number on the iPad 
5. On the iPhone, underneath the "Remote Control" setting, tap on the name of the iPad 
6. A set of numbers will appear. Set these to the “Remote control PIN" number listed on the iPad and tap “Connect” 
7. Once you enter the correct PIN on the iPhone, you will see the words "Please start a presentation..." 
8. In SlideShark on your iPad tap the presentation that you would like to view, and begin using your remote! 

Using the Remote: 

Once the presentation begins, your iPhone will display the following remote control features: Next, Previous, and View Slides 

Next: swipe your finger to the left on your iPhone screen 
Previous: swipe your finger to the right on your iPhone screen 
View Slides: swipe your finger up on your iPhone screen 

If you select "View Slides", the rest of the slides will display on your iPhone screen. You can then select a different slide, and that slide will appear on the iPad screen. 

Note: clicking "View Slides" does not display all slides on the iPad, but only displays all slides on the iPhone screen).

Your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad mini can now be used as a remote control for SlideShark presentations on the iPad!

 (Please note: the instructions below also apply if you wish to use your iPod Touch as a remote) 


To get setup, you can view our online tutorial, or you can follow the steps below.



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