Downloading and printing a completion certificate

If there is a completion certificate associated with the presentation you are viewing, here is how you can access and print it:

    1. Make sure you have completed the completion criteria for the presentation. If there is a completion indicator in the top right corner of the presentation player, it will be green and display the message "Completion criteria have been met".
    2. Turn off the pop-up blockers in your web browser. Pop-up blocker settings can be accessed through the Tools or Security options in your internet browser. Additionally, make sure your internet Security settings allow downloads from 
    3. The three ways of obtaining your certification from a presentation are as folllows
      • Clicking the completion indicator
      • A pop up when closing out of the presentation
      • An email after your view has been closed out
    4. Once the certificate is downloading, you should see a message pop up stating that the certificate is downloading. Once it has completed downloading, click "Save As" for the download, and save the certificate to your Desktop.
    5. Navigate to the desktop of your computer and double-click on the certificate. A PDF of the certificate will open, which you can print.
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