How do I add audio to my presentation?

Brainshark offers several options for adding audio to your presentations including:  

    • Add audio via the telephone;
    • Record directly into your presentation using a microphone;
    • Add .mp3s into your uploaded slides;
    • Embed .wav files into your PowerPoint prior to uploading;
    • Computer generated audio;
    • Background audio.

Please keep in mind that audio will be added on a per-slide basis. Therefore, you record to each slide separately (and can revisit slides to re-record without altering the entire presentation's recording), and you will upload .mp3 files to each corresponding slide, not the presentation as a whole.

Adding and Managing Audio will guide you through the various ways that you can add and manage your audio files in Brainshark. 

For more information on adding Audio, view these helpful tutorials:



    • The maximum amount of audio that can be recorded is 20 minutes per slide, regardless of whether you record using the IVR telephone function or whether you record via microphone.
    • If you were to upload audio, you can exceed the 20 min/slide limit as long as the uploaded audio file size does not exceed 500 MB.
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