Managing users in SlideShark Team Edition

As an administrator, you can add users to your SlideShark team.

  • Log in to your team account at
  • Select the Administration link
  • Choose Manage Users.
  • Alternatively, from the App, you can go into Settings and select Administration under Account Info to be linked to your Administration page.

To add a user, select “Add User” and complete the required fields for setting up the user. Please note that the email address must be completely unique in the SlideShark system. This means that if one of your Team members has an existing personal SlideShark account, you will need to use a different e-mail address for their team account. A user may have both an individual account and a Team Edition account, but these accounts will exist separately and must be linked to unique e-mail addresses. Please search the Knowledgebase for Solution 840 on how you can free up an e-mail address linked to an existing SlideShark or myBrainshark personal account for use by one of your Team Edition members.

When adding users or managing your existing users you can designate the following permissions by simply checking or un-checking the corresponding boxes in the Manage Users page:

  • User is an Administrator (this will give the user complete access to manage the account, users, and all site content)
  • User can upload content (this will allow the user to upload content to the Team account)
  • User can share with the team (this will allow the user to designate uploaded content as Team content)

If a user should be removed from your Team, you can easily do so by clicking the “X” (Delete User”) to the right of the user’s record in your Administrative view.


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