Hide the table of contents in your presentation

When viewing in the full screen view of our Flash player it hides the table of contents pane located on the left side of the viewer.

To view in full screen mode during playback, click on the screen toggle icon located in the lower-right hand corner of the viewing console. This toggle button can be used to switch between views during the playback session.

To force the presentation to open in full screen mode from the hyperlink, add the Brainshark parameter "dm=1" to the end of the presentation link within your email client or within the invite "Send page" to view presentation. The parameter is preceded by an ampersand (&) or a question mark (?) depending on whether the link is in the original URL ending with the presentation ID (PID), or if the PID has been changed to a name using the optional "New Address".


See example URL structures below:

Ends with a numeric value - http://www.brainshark.com/companyname/vu?pi=646329783&dm=1

Ends with an alpha value - http://www.brainshark.com/companyname/presentation_name?dm=1

For additional information please refer to the following:

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