Adding new users to a Brainshark account

To add a new User to a Brainshark site you must have Company Administrator, Learning Administrator, or Learning Manager privileges to the site.

1.      First, log into your Brainshark site;
2.      Select your profile, then Administration;
3.      Select the Manage Users button;
4.      Select Add User;
5.      Fill out the required fields and set the user properties and privileges;
6.      Select Continue at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the Permissions page;
7.      On the Permissions page, assign the level of folder permissions for the user, then select Continue;
8.      This will bring you to the last step of identifying to which Groups the User belongs. Once assigned, click on Submit, which will complete the setup for this User;

For more information, please see these Help and Training resources:

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