Error when importing Live Meeting

Issue: You are getting the error message: "The recording you selected, XXXX, has an Access Control List (ACL) or an invitation list defined.Please remove the ACL and/or the invitation list before importing into Brainshark"

Solution: When you are trying to import a live meeting, please review the following:

You have set up an access control list, or have included invitees to the recording. These must be removed prior to uploading the presentation in Brainshark. You must log into your live meeting site, and access your recordings to remove the restrictions.

To remove the restrictions for recordings:

    • Log into LiveMeeting
    • Under Manage, select Recordings
    • Select a Subject title
    • Under Change recording access control: Select anything other than "Use access control list"
    • Select Save
    • Log into Brainshark
    • Re-import the Live Meeting that no longer has the ACL enabled
    • Please make sure that there are not invitees for those meetings. If there are, that is what is preventing those meetings from appearing in the list.

Please review this article for more information on Live Meeting with Brainshark.


Issue: You are experiencing discrepancies between your original Live Meeting recording and the Brainshark version. 

Solution: If you would like us to review the 2 presentations, please provide with the following:

    • Recording ID of the replay (and password, if any),
    • Your company Live Meeting URL,
    • Login information and a description of the issue.
    • Your Brainshark Presentation URL.

Someone from our support team will review the assets and get back to you as soon as possible.

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