Monitoring and tracking presentation views

Brainshark allows an author or administrator to monitor who is viewing a presentation in several different ways.

First, an author may require viewers of a presentation to login in order to view the presentation. This will secure content and limit it to authorized users only, and allow an author or company administrator to report on anyone who has viewed the presentation.

If presentation security is not required, a Guest Book can be used to track viewer information. This information is then available for reporting. Please view these steps for assistance in setting up Login required or the Guest Book Features.

Tracking codes may also be used. Tracking codes allow a URL to be modified when sent to an individual viewer. This code is tracked in the reports and can be used to easily determine which presentations have been viewed. For more information: Adding Tracking codes

Several reports are then available to return the viewing data. Reports can be scheduled to run at a specific time or on demand. For information on these reports and how to use them, please refer to the following document: Reporting

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