Creating and Downloading SCORM packages

Many Brainshark accounts have the ability to create SCORM content from their Brainshark presentations.  Basic and enhanced SCORM in 1.2 and 2004 formats are available.

To see if your account is enabled for SCORM, edit a presentation.  If Download SCORM is available in the Things you can do menu when you are in presentation Edit mode, your site is enabled for SCORM. If it is not visible, please contact your company administrator for assistance.

To download SCORM:

  • Login to your Brainshark Account
  • Go to Presentations;
  • Edit the presentation;
  • Select Require viewers to complete presentation from the Presentation Properties tab;
  • Click on the Edit tab next to Require Viewers to complete presentation;
  • Modify the completion criteria;
  • Click Apply;
  • Select Download SCORM from the Things you can do menu;
  • Save the .zip file;
  • Forward the .zip file to your LMS administrator to upload into your LMS system.


More information:

Downloading SCORM

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