Sharing a SlideShark presentation

To share your presentation after presenting it with SlideShark: 

From the Web:

1. Log in at
2. Navigate to your Presentations view.
3. Click "Enable Sharing" underneath your presentation.
4. Choose how you would like to share! Currently, you can use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and e-mail to get a video version of your presentation out to your audience.*

From the App:

1. Open and log in to your SlideShark App.
2. Download your presentation (if you have not already done so).
3. Click the Play button to open your presentation.
4. Swipe up to access your Presentation Options.
5. Select the Share icon (4th option down on the left).
6. If the presentation is not already enabled for sharing, make sure to toggle this option On. 
7. Then choose from Email, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to send out your content. If you wish to use another method, simply choose "Copy URL to clipboard" and paste the URL in your desired media method!

Important notes:

1. If you have hidden any of your presentation slides in SlideShark, those slides WILL be visible if the presentation is shared (via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter).

2. If you have a Pro or Team account, you will be able to get detailed reporting on Shared Views. This reporting will be located in the web portal by clicking the "i" next to the presentation.

3. If you are a Team member and you do not see Share options, either your profile or the the content has not been enabled for sharing. Please contact your Team Administrator for further information about this.

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