Re-Direct Viewers Using Branching

When you are using questions within a presentation, you may branch or redirect a user to a different area of the presentation, different presentation or web link depending on their answer. Branching may be used with any of the formats for the following question types: Examination, Poll. 

Note: Only one format for the Survey question type allows branching. This format is: Multiple Choice (choose one only).


To use branching, an author who has the privilege to create questions would take the following steps:

  1. Edit a presentation
  2. Add a question
  3. Select a supported question type, then the format
  4. Type in your question
  5. Type in possible answers
  6. Select the Branching tab
  7. Highlight one of the answers
  8. Select one of the radio box options on the right and decide where that response will bring the viewer. You may choose:
      • No branching (go to next slide)
      • Slide (which brings the viewer to a different slide within the existing presentation)
      • Presentation # (which closes the current Brainshark and brings a viewer to a different Brainshark presentation) 
      • Web Link (which closes the current Brainshark and brings a viewer to another web link)
      • Repeat the process for any additional answers that need to be branched, then select Save.

For more information, please view our Quick Tip on Question Branching.

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