Setting a Default for Text Positioning on Question Slides

If your company is using a global question template, the company administrator can adjust the text offsets to work best display the template information.


To set the offsets the administrator should:   

  1. Select Administration
  2. Select Manage Company, then Manage Templates from the left hand menu
  3. Select Question Backgrounds
  4. Select Browse and browse to a.jpg, .gif, or .ppt file;
  5. Select the check box 'Use background image for question slides'. Select Submit to upload the background
  6. Once the background is uploaded, modify the appearance of the background to your liking. 
  7. You can alter the question font,size and color as well as the placement of Question Text, Feedback, Attempt, and Buttons  
  8. Select Submit to save changes. 


  • Modifying the text offsets at the company level, affects all question slides in the company that are using the default question background. 
  • Editing the text offsets, at the company level, can only occur if a background image has been uploaded at the company level.
  •  Please note that the Footer cannot be moved or re-sized, and only the Question Text and Feedback boxes can be re-sized.  

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