Adding and Editing Background Audio

You may add background music to your Brainshark presentation from the files included in your Brainshark account, or add your own royalty free music tracks.

To add background audio to a presentation:

  1. Upload your slides
  2. Then edit the presentation in your Brainshark account.
  3. Select 'Manage Audio' then 'Background Audio'
  4. Select the link 'Add Background Audio' or 'Upload New Audio'
  5. Choose track from the Company list or the My Library and 'Add Selected'

Note: If you would like to upload an outside track to your presentation, this needs to be allowed by your sites company administrator and the file being uploaded must be in the form of an MP3 file.

To only play background audio on your slides:

The background audio is set to run the same length of time as audio that is added either via MP3's, microphone or telephone.  If you want to remove the audio and only play background audio:

  1. Navigate to Edit presentation
  2. Select Manage slides
  3. Select Audio next to the thumbnail view of the slide
  4. Select Delete
  5. Select Apply or Save

Note: The audio will be deleted from the slide and only the background audio will remain. The slide duration will default to 10 seconds.

To edit the length of your slides, please review these steps

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