"Enforce Number of Attempts" for Courses and Presentations

Enforcing the number of attempts for courses is a way the author can enforce the number of times a student can respond to a question when the student resumes views on a course or a presentation.

If this option is enabled and there is only 1 attempt: when the student selects an incorrect response, closes their browser, and launches the view again, their incorrect response will be maintained when the student selects the resume button.

Within a Brainshark Presentation, "Enforce # of attempts per question" will be available in the Options tab when you select the "Edit Presentation" button. 


  • "Resume views" must be enabled
  • AND there has to be at least one question slide in order to see this option.
  • This feature is enforced when a student selects the resume button for a course or a presentation with question slides.

If you do not see this feature for courses when the above criteria are met, please contact Brainshark Support. 


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