INTERNAL: Can presentations be viewed while being edited?

Most edits do not affect anyone who has the view link. However, the link will have to be clicked after the edits are saved in order for the viewer to see the most recent version of the presentation. 

However, if the author is attempting to record audio over the phone, or via microphone audio, the view link will be locked:

    • The person viewing will receive the following message: “Audio is being processed. We are currently processing audio files for the presentation you requested, so it cannot be viewed right now. Please try again later.”
    • They will continue to see this message until the author has either hung up the phone and audio has finished processing. Or, until the author selects "End recording session" via microphone audio (or after the one hour timeout).

The statement "attempting to record audio" constitutes the following actions:

    • If the author dials the phone and enters the PAC, the view is now locked, even though  pressing option 1 to record audio has not transpired
    • If the author selects the link to record using microphone audio, the view is now locked, even though they have not selected record


Note: Text to speech does not behave in the same manner.  TTS behaves like any other edit to the presentation and thus will not cause the view link to be locked for audio processing.


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