What is a Folder Administrator?

Folder administrators have more permissions than a Brainshark Author, but less permissions than a Company administrator.

All Folder administrators have the ability to do the following: 

  • Add or remove other folders, as well as administer folder properties and permissions where they have administrator permissions. 
  • Move presentations they've authored to any folder. 
  • Copy presentations to any other folder in the account, as long as the author of the content has allowed authors to copy. 
  • Merge content from any folder into a presentation they've authored, as long as the author of the content has allowed authors to copy. 
  • Run reports and only bring back data off of content that is in the folder they can administer. 
  • Run reports and bring back data only for presentations that they've authored regardless of which folder their content is in.


If your admin has approved the feature, Folder administrators may be able to edit and delete any presentation that is located in the folders they administer. If your Folder admins are not able to do this and you would like them to be able to manage content in their folder, please contact Brainshark Support. 


Folder administrators are not able to add or delete users from the Brainshark site. 



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