Guest Audio

If your company administrator has enabled the feature, Brainshark allows an author to request guest audio for a presentation.  To request that another person record their voice on a presentation:

  • Log into your Brainshark and Edit a presentation
  • Select Manage audio, then Request audio
  • Select "Send New Guest Voice Request"
  • Enter an email address into the "To" field
  • Designate if Login is required or not
  • Select the Send Invitation button

The author remains in control of the presentation, and the person who records the audio has no rights to edit or modify any part of the presentation other than the audio prior to declaring it complete.  Once it has been marked as complete, the audio may no longer be modified using the prior link.  A new guest audio request must be made.

Note that you may only have one active request at a time.  If you generate a new voice request, the previous request will no longer be active, and anyone who tries to use it will receive an error.

For more information, please see the following links:

Video: Request Guest Audio

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