Adding a company logo to Brainshark

You may add one custom default logo to your Brainshark site.  Each site supports one main company logo, but any number of presentation level logos may be added.

Company logos must be updated by someone with Company Administrative privileges.

Your company logo must be a .gif or .jpg image that is 174 pixels wide by 56 pixels high and should be sized to fit within these dimensions to avoid any stretching or distortion.

To upload your company's logo to your site:

1.      Click your profile then select Administration

2.      Under Manage Company, select Media Library

3.      Click Browse to locate the logo image file in your computer's files

4.      Click on the "Submit" button to save changes

As an additional option, Brainshark offers the ability to "hotlink" to a website if a viewer clicks on your company logo. If you would like to utilize this function please enter the valid URL for the site you would like to launch in the "Company Web Link" field and submit your changes.

Note: Logos may not be deleted, however, you may upload a new logo to replace the existing logo.

For more information see the Manage Company Document

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