Tip: Adding a tracking code to a presentation

To include a tracking code in your email invitation:

    1. Click the Share link of the presentation
    2. In the Tracking Code field, enter the tracking code you want to use. Do not use spaces or special characters in that field.

Note: Tracking codes are appended to presentation links and will be visible to recipient(s) so you may want to disguise them; for example, you could reverse the letters or use a numeric code.

To manually add a tracking code, append the URL to include the tracking code after the Brainshark link. 
By appending the string &tx= <textString> to the presentation link, where <textString> is the tracking code; for example,

http://www.brainshark.com/sbrg/vu?pi=24453&tx=jsmith would track the URL sent to jsmith.

If you use the "New Address" function to change the vu?pi=nnnnn part of the URL to a descriptive string (for example,  http://www.brainshark.com/company/RichMedia), then you would add the tracking code as follows: 


For more information, please review our document on Adding Tracking Codes 

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