Adding a Prezi as a URL slide in Brainshark

You may include a Prezi as part of a Brainshark presentation by adding it as a URL slide. Please note that the Prezi must be public in order to be added as a URL slide, and the Brainshark viewer will need to click "Play" on the Prezi in order for it to begin - it will not begin automatically once the URL slide loads in the Brainshark player.

 The URL from Prezi:
1. Locate your Prezi in the Prezi account
2. Click "Embed"
3. Copy the embed code and paste it in a Word Document
4. Extract the "" piece from the embed code
5. Add that URL as the webpage for the URL slide in your Brainshark presentation
Adding a URL slide in Brainshark:
1. Go to "Edit" presentation in Brainshark
2. Click "Add a Slide" in the Things you can do menu on the left
3. Choose "Add URL Slide"
4. Enter the above URL
5. Click "Save"


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