Problems when viewing a Brainshark presentation through a Citrix server

Issue: Problems viewing Brainshark presentation 


    • There appears to be no sound on the presentation
    • You are connected through a Citrix server


Brainshark needs sound to play. Many Citrix servers do not send sound to users. The presentation will play but with no sound, The servers will have to be configured to send sound to users' computers.

Servers that do not have sound cards will not play Brainshark presentations: If there is no sound card, the presentation will load but will not play past the first slide.  Adding a sound card and sending sound to users devices will amend the issues. 


    • The presentation fails to load, or only displays a gray screen


The Citrix server may be blocking active x. 


    • If there are any other situation or the Cirtix administrators need assistance configuring the severs, they can schedule a call with Brainshark's Technical Support Engineers, by emailing
    • This link may assist whomever administers the Citrix server.


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