Switching from HTTP to HTTPS

What are the repercussions to moving to Full Site SSL 


What are the repercussions to moving an account to Full site SSL(HTTPS)?

(Note: Brainshark does not use SSL any longer but we use TLS although the computer industry still speaks of HTTPS as an SSL connection)

Things to consider: 

1. Any Brainshark courses loaded into your LMS through a SCORM package will need to be updated

  • The URL address will need to be updated to be the now HTTPS link and this does not automatically occur

2. Any content hosted in an IFrame environment or embedded will need to be updated

  • Any authors who have created URL slides with HTTP, may need to be updated (in most cases, this is resolved through a browser security prompt when accessing the slide).
  • Any embedded content will need to have its link updated manually
  • If using Salesforce and a custom Webtab was created to point to a Brainshark URL, it will need to be changed to point to the new HTTPS Brainshark URL

3. If your account uses a Brainshark Custom Portal, extra caution should be asked if moving your account to FullSite SSL will cause any issues with the custom portal

4. Finally, if your account is using Single Sign-On your network may need to be configured to handle the additional HTTPS requests. 


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