How do I add a new folder to my Brainshark site?

Company or folder administrators may add folders to a Brainshark site. 

Full administrators may add folders at any level, folder administrators may add sub folders to any folders they have folder administration permissions to.


  1. Log into your Brainshark site and from the profile drop down menu click "Administration"
  2. From the menu options on the left, click on the Manage Folders tab and choose Add Folder;
  3. On the Folder Properties page enter the properties of the new folder; select the parent folder to contain the new folder. Enter the name, description and security settings.
  4. Click Continue to get to the permissions page. On the permissions page assign the level of permissions of the site users and groups to the folder.
  5. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to save.

This article provides additional information on managing folders.


Note: Folders cannot be moved once they have been added.

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