Unlocking Presentations that Require Content Approval

To unlock presentations that are in a content approval folder, Folder Administrator permissions to the folder where the presentation resides is required. These permissions are also required for approving the content after changes have been made.

A Company Administrator will need to grant Folder Administrator permissions to a user. This can be down by following the below steps.

  1. Click your profile, then Administration
  2. Select Manage Users
  3. Search for the user's profile you wish to grant permissions to
  4. Select Edit Permissions
  5. Select the Administrator checkbox for the appropriate folder
  6. Select Submit

Once permissions have been granted, Folder Administrators can use the below process for unlocking content for Authors to make edits.

  1. Click your Profile, then Administration
  2. Manage Content
  3. Click the title of the presentation
  4. Select Unlock from the options
  5. Authors can then make edits and request approval once their edits are complete

For more information, view our tutorial on Content Approval


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