How do I change the YouTube account associated with my Brainshark account?

To change the YouTube account to which Brainshark can "Publish to YouTube":

    1. Click on (this page may require you to login).
    2. From here you can remove access for Brainshark to the YouTube/Google account, once you revoke access you will need to logout of the YouTube/Google account in all browsers.
    3. On the edit page of your Brainshark presentation click on Publish to YouTube.
    4. A YouTube dialog box will open. This may open behind your current page so you may have to minimize open pages until the dialog box is visible.
    5. Once you select okay on the dialog box you should be brought to a Google page requesting you to login and grant Brainshark permission. If you are brought to this page and already logged in verify that the account being used for YouTube is the correct one, should the account be incorrect you will need to logout by clicking on the person or picture in the upper right hand side of the page. 
    6. Once you have logged in or verified the account select grant access this should bring you to a page letting you know that you content is being published to YouTube.
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