Can I View a Presentation without Turning Off Pop-up Blockers?

Pop-up blockers must be allowed in order to view a Brainshark presentation. However, you can set up your pop-up blockers to allow just Brainshark. Below are instructions for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Internet Explorer:

Go to the tools drop down on the browser. This should be on the top left side of the browser window. In the Tools dropdown select Pop-Up Blocker. You should see an option called Pop-Up Blocker Settings. Select this and under "Address of website to allow" type in and then click on Add follow these steps again to add * You should see the address appear in the allowed box below. (if this option doesn't appear press F10 to select tools)

Google Chrome:

Click on the three lines on the far right of the Google Chrome browser. From the dropdown select settings. Scroll down and select show advanced settings under Privacy click on Content Settings. Scroll down to Pop-Ups and click on Manage exceptions. In the Hostname Pattern box type in then set the Behavior to allow, follow the same steps to add [*.]


Click on the three lines on the far right of the Firefox Browser. From the dropdown menu select Options. Select the Content Panel if Block Pop-ups is checked select exceptions. In the address line type and click on the allow button, the address should appear below, follow these same steps to add *

Safari: Safari does not currently allow you to add an exception and we only support Safari for Mac

In Safari click on Safari and un-check Block pop-ups

iPad Safari:

1. Open the "Settings" menu on your Home screen.
2. Tap the "Safari" tab on the Settings page. The Safari preferences screen loads.
3. Scroll down the page to the "Security" section.
4. Slide the "Block Pop-Ups" switch to the "Off" position.
5. Press the "Home" button to return to your Home screen.

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