Downloading a presentation in SlideShark

If you wish to download a presentation to the SlideShark app so that you can present and view the presentation from your mobile device:

    • Log-in to your SlideShark app.
    • Navigate to your "Home" page.
    • Locate the uploaded presentation that you would like to download
    • Click the download button.


If you wish to download the actual PowerPoint file that was uploaded, you must do so from the web:

    • On a laptop or desktop, navigate to
    • Log into your account
    • Locate the uploaded presentation in your presentations section
    • To the right of the thumbnail, near the information - "i" - icon, you will see a link with your PowerPoint file title and a paperclip symbol. Click this link to download your  PowerPoint to your device. 


Note: Downloading the PowerPoint file from the web does not remove the presentation from your SlideShark account. 

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