Using hyperlinks in SlideShark

There are several types of hyperlinks that can be used in SlideShark presentations:

External Hyperlinks: 

When displaying SlideShark on your iPad or iPhone: 

    • When you tap on a hyperlink to an external webpage, the webpage will open within the SlideShark application.
    • To return to your slides, tap the "Back" button in the upper left corner of the screen.

When projecting SlideShark:

    • Tapping on an external hyperlink exits the SlideShark app to display the hyperlink destination.
    • To return to the SlideShark presentation, tap or double tap the “Home” button then tap the SlideShark app to re-open
    • On iPad 2 or higher you can also use a 4-finger swipe from right to left on the screen to return to the SlideShark app

Internal Hyperlinks (to other slides in presentation):

Simply tap on the hyperlink and your presentation will jump to the linked slide.

Mail-to (email) hyperlinks:

When you tap on an email address hyperlink (a mail-to link) an email window will appear with the specified email address in the “To” field.



    • All hyperlinks must be created in the PowerPoint file before uploading your presentation to SlideShark
    • Hyperlinks do not work in shared presentations: A shared presentation is a video of that presentation. Recipients will not be able to interact with the content in it, including hyperlinks.
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