How do I incorporate a video in my SlideShark presentation?

You can play a video in SlideShark by embedding the video in your PowerPoint slide. 

When you publish your video (prior to embedding it into your PowerPoint), you should select Windows Media video (.wmv) as your format and WMV as your codec option.

If your file is not in a .wmv format, there are a number of video converters online, such as those available at CNET’s

In order for your video to play successfully in SlideShark, the video must be truly embedded into your PowerPoint and not simply linked. PowerPoint 2010 does this as a standard, but previous versions do not. 

Visit this link to learn how to embed video in PowerPoint 



  • SlideShark Supports .avi and .wmv formats with a Windows Media codec
  • SlideShark does not currently support: .mov, .mp4, .qt, and .aav. formats.
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