ADA and Section 508 Compliance

We can help you meet ADA and Section 508 compliance for your training, communications, and knowledge sharing initiatives. We can help you reach people with vision or hearing disabilities in the federal government and in the public sector. For people with disabilities, we provides access to information and data in a manner comparable to that available to people without disabilities, which helps you meet your ADA and Section 508 compliance.

We allow you to reach your audience through a combination of audio and/or visuals depending upon the recipient’s individual requirements. A single presentation can be made available for use on a computer and other playback devices. This provides improved accessibility and offers no additional burden to the content author.

  • Unhooked– allows for a downloadable version of your presentation to be distributed as a common media type. Playback can be achieved via common media devices and displays. This format contains both audio and visual information although your recipient may only benefit from the audio or visual portion.
  • Mobility– Allows an audio-only copy of your presentation to be downloaded to a common personal digital audio players such as MP3 players (e.g. Apple iPod)

For users with visual disabilities:

Our presentation interface can be scaled to accommodate minor vision impairment. If no visual presentation can be utilized, we offer the ability to listen to the presentation through a computer or other digital media devices.

For users with hearing disabilities:

We can utilize current assistive devices and amplifiers already in place. If no audio can be utilized, we provide visual presentation and can include a web hyperlink to the source narrative script so that the audience can read the script and watch the presentation.

For users with physical disabilities:

Physical disabilities can cause many barriers for employees. Additionally, health-related issues may prevent a percentage of your workforce from attending regularly-scheduled on-site training sessions. We enable you to overcome the physical restriction of being present at the time and place of training sessions through on-demand playback.

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