Tip: Monitoring and Responding to Presentation Feedback from Viewers

Brainshark allows an author to activate the “Email a question” feature on a presentation.

This feature allows a viewer to submit questions regarding a presentation while they are viewing from within the viewing console. These questions may be directed to the author, the subject matter expert, or any other recipient designated by the author. The questions are received via email, and may then be replied to by the recipient either via email, or by posting the answer as an FAQ to be associated with the presentation.


To enable Email a question at the administration level:

    1. Login to your Brainshark account
    2. Go to My Applications/Administration
    3. Select Manage Company/Presentation Settings
    4. Select Viewer Options
    5. Enable Email a question settings

To add Email a Question to a presentation:

    1. Login to your Brainshark Account
    2. Edit the presentation
    3. Click on the Options tab
    4. Select Email question to
    5. Enter the recipient(s) to receive the questions.  You may enter more than one email address by separating each one with a comma.
    6. Save or Apply the changes.

Please view our Help and Training document on Presentation Settings for more details.  

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