How do I change the author of a presentation?

A Company Administrator or - under certain settings - a Folder Administrator may change the author of a presentation. 

To change the author, follow the steps below.

From the "My Content" view:

    1. Click the "More" link associated with the presentation
    2. Select "Change Author"
    3. Select the name of the new author


From Administration

    1. Click "Administration" after clicking your profile
    2. Click on the "Manage Content" button on the left side navigation menu
    3. Search for the presentation and click on the title; a menu will appear
    4. Select "Change Author"
    5. Locate and select the new author from the drop down list
    6. Click "Ok" to change the author



Regardless of which method you use to change the author, be sure that the new author has authoring permissions in the folder that contains the presentation, or move the presentation to a folder in which they have authoring permissions. 

If you are a Folder Administrator:

      • You can only change the author of presentations that are housed in the folder where you have administrative rights
      • You can only change the author by following the steps from Administration

If you are not looking to change the author of the presentation, but wish to change the author photo on your presentation, see this article


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