How can I see a list of all my presentations?

All presentations you have created will appear under the My Content tab.

If you are an author or administrator, you may also get a list of the presentations created by running a Presentation Creation Report. 

As an author you will only seeing the presentations you have created in the Presentation Creation report.

  1. Click on the Reporting Tab
  2. Select the "Advanced Reporting and Download Data" section
  3. Choose the "Presentation Reports" folder and select the Presentation Creation report
  4. Enter any parameters such as date range, or filter to only include presentations created by a certain user
  5. Select the report format and click Run Report.


When running the Presentation Creation report:

  • If you check the box to include deleted presentations, all presentations that have been created in the time frame specified and have since been deleted will also be displayed.
  • If you run the report in .CSV format, it will display all columns in an Excel spreadsheet for you to easily filter and reorganize
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