Use a Guestbook to capture viewer data

Guestbooks can be used to capture and track data on who is viewing a Brainshark presentation.  A company administrator or the author of a presentation can edit their own presentation and apply a guestbook. 


To add a guestbook to your presentation:

    1. Edit a presentation
    2. Select "Ask viewer to register with Guestbook"
    3. Select the Edit link that appears
    4. Make selections
    5. Select Save.

Guest books may be launched prior to a presentation viewing, or after the view is completed.  In addition to selecting what information you want to collect in the guestbook, you can also choose to require certain fields. 

If a field is required, the viewer may not proceed without providing the required data. 


  • Some guestbooks allow the entry of custom data fields.  Please contact your company administrator if you would like to add a custom field to your Guestbook field options.
  • If you are an administrator, review this article regarding custom guestbook fields.
  • For more information on guestbooks in general, please view this helpful guide.




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