Generate audio from PowerPoint slide notes

You can generate audio from your PowerPoint slides for your Brainshark presentation.  This feature is only available if you have added slides notes in the notes portion of your PowerPoint presentation and if there is no audio recorded or embedded in the presentation.

To automatically generate audio for the slides in the list (using a text-to-speech generator)

  1. Login into Brainshark
  2. Select the presentation
  3. Edit presentation
  4. Manage Audio
  5. Generate audio from slide notes

Select the voice you would like to use (e.g. male, female, etc.).  To preview the voice that will be used, click Listen to sample the short preview.  Once you have selected a voice, click the Generate Audio button to automatically generate audio from your slide notes.

(Notes: Slides that already have audio or that do not have slide notes will not be available for Generate Audio.)

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