Download Presentation as the viewer

If the author has enabled a presentation for offline viewing, you may download a presentation. You must be viewing a presentation to download it.


To download or unhook a presentation:

1.Click on the "Tools and Help" icon (?) on the bottom right of the viewer 

2.From the drop down list, select Download 

3.Follow the on-screen instructions

4. Save the executable file to a folder 

5.When download is completed click on executable file to unzip



It is advisable to unzip files to a separate folder because multiple files are created as part of the unhooking process.

1.When the unzipping process is complete, the presentation plays automatically 

2.To play the presentation at any time, go to the folder where you first saved the files and double click on file with the presentation name with the extension ".htm"


Please note: After unzipping, the folder where the presentation contents are saved will contain 3 or 4 items depending on the type of attachments contained in the presentation. It creates two ".htm" files and a folder named "files". If the presentation contains non- URL attachments, it creates an additional folder named "supplement".

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