Uploading Company Logos as an Author

If allowed by the Administrator, you have the ability to have a library of logos for use on your presentations. Logos can be gif or jpg format, and must be exactly 174 pixels long  by 56 pixels wide or else the image will be distorted. 

Here are the steps to upload a new custom logo for use on your presentations:

  1. Log into your Brainshark site
  2. From My Applications, select Presentations,
  3. Select My Media Library from the Things I can do menu on the left
  4. Select the Company Logo tab
  5. Click on Add Company Logo and upload the logo you would like to use
  6. Repeat step 4 to add more company logos


To use the new logo on your presentation:

  1. Edit presentation where you would like to use a unique logo
  2. Select the Options tab
  3. Choose the company logo you uploaded next to the Company Logo field
  4. Click Submit
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