SlideShark Team Edition Properties

Once you have uploaded content to your Team Edition account, you can further manage your Presentation Details by designating the following properties to your content (by clicking the "i" button for the presentation in your My Content page):

  1. Team Visibility. Toggle the group button to determine if your content is only available for you or if it is also available for team access.
  2. Enable sharing. Check this box if you would like to be able to share a link to the presentation and if you would like your Team Members to have this option as well (provided they have access to your presentation).
  3. Hide slides*. If team members are allowed to hide slides, they can determine which slides are and are not shown while presenting your content.
  4. Re-order slides*. If you allow team members to re-order slides, they can determine what order to present the slides in from their device.

*These options apply locally to each iPad. If you wish to lock down how content is presented, it is recommended to leave these boxes unchecked.


Notes: If you do not see these options available, there may be administrative settings in place limiting your ability to alter Presentation Details. Please contact your company administrator to discuss your permissions further. 

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