There are no presentations under "All I Can View"

Issue: After logging into your Brainshark account to view a presentation, you cannot find the presentations. It does not appear under your "All I Can View" section. 



When a user is set up in Brainshark, the administrator assigns the user permissions in specific folders. If a presentation is not visible to a user, it is for one of the following reasons:

    • The author has made the presentation inactive
    • The user does not have viewing permissions to that folder

If you were instructed to view the presentation, or have reason to believe you should access it, please contact your company administrator for assistance.


If you do not know how to reach your company administrator, contact support - we'll reach out to the administrator on your behalf. 


If you are an administrator, see this brief tutorial for instructions on how to grant user permissions. 

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    Christi Chambers

    this is problematic that you can not see any of the presentations you have viewed or completed.

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    Erica Zahka

    Hi Christi,

    This article is meant to assist if you are encountering the situation it describes - it is not expressing that Brainshark is currently experiencing this issue:

    If you log into Brainshark Presentation and do not see anything listed under the "All I can view" section, it is possible that you were not given the proper viewing permissions by your Administrator.

    If you are personally experiencing issues locating content in your account, please reach out to us at so we can help you!

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