Searching for Presentations

We have comprehensive search abilities in Brainshark. Examples of places where we conduct searches include:


1.       Presentations;

2.       Merge content, when you "Search for" Presentations to borrow content from;

3.       Reporting, when searching for presentations that you want included in your report results;

4.       myBrainshark Content Network;

5.       Private Content Portal.


To run a standard search from the Presentations application:


1.       Enter desired text into the textbox on the upper right of the Presentations landing page;

2.       Select the Search button.


To run an Advanced Search from the Presentations tab:


1.      Select Advanced search link from upper right, underneath the Search textbox;

2.      Select the desired checkboxes to filter your search;

3.      Select the Search button on the lower right.


The following fields are included when searching for presentations in Brainshark:


1.      Presentation title;

2.      Presentation id;

3.      Presentation short title (new address);

4.      Presentation description;

5.      Slide title;

6.      Author name;

7.      Folder name;

8.      Slide description;

9.      Slide text;

10.    Slide notes;

11.    Chapter title;

12.    Tag description;

13.    Topic description.


Note: Using advanced search is the only place where you can search for archived presentation content.

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