Searching for Presentations

We have comprehensive search abilities in Brainshark. Examples of places where we conduct searches include:


1.       Presentations;

2.       Merge content, when you "Search for" Presentations to borrow content from;

3.       Reporting, when searching for presentations that you want included in your report results;

4.       myBrainshark Content Network;

5.       Private Content Portal.


To run a standard search from the Presentations application:


1.       Enter desired text into the textbox on the upper right of the Presentations landing page;

2.       Select the Search button.


To run an Advanced Search from the Presentations tab:


1.      Select Advanced search link from upper right, underneath the Search textbox;

2.      Select the desired checkboxes to filter your search;

(When searching for text putting the text in quotes will ensure that only results contains that EXACT search string are returned.  For example, If you want to search for a presentation title that has Training for Sales Reps then put that in quotes "Training for Sales Reps"  If you do not use the quotes you will get every presentation with Training, for, sales and Reps.)

3.      Select the Search button on the lower right.


The following fields are included when searching for presentations in Brainshark:


1.      Presentation title;

2.      Presentation id;

3.      Presentation short title (new address);

4.      Presentation description;

5.      Slide title;

6.      Author name;

7.      Folder name;

8.      Slide description;

9.      Slide text;

10.    Slide notes;

11.    Chapter title;

12.    Tag description;

13.    Topic description.


Note: Using advanced search is the only place where you can search for archived presentation content.

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