Why are the Master slide on-click animations displaying automatically?

Issue: You have on-click animations in your Master Slide template, and when playing the presentation in SlideShark the animations fire automatically instead of when you tap the screen. 

Solution: If you have on-click animations in your Master Slide template, those animations will not be read as "on-click" when you upload the presentation to SlideShark. Instead, SlideShark will read those animations as timed animations. 


Workaround: To ensure your animations display as on-click in SlideShark follow these steps: 

  1. In the original PowerPoint file, remove the on-click animations from the Master, and close the Master
  2. Enter the animations as on-click animations for each slide
  3. Save your presentation and upload it to SlideShark
  4. Download the presentation to the SlideShark app and view/present from your iDevice
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