Flash Security Warning When Launching Unhooked Presentation

Currently, with the installation of Flash plugin version 8 and above, there is an additional security setting that will initially inhibit a person from viewing an Unhooked presentation in Flash. 

Note: Due to recent browser changes we recommend viewing Unhooked Flash content in Internet Explorer.


To change the Flash privacy settings, go to the website below (Flash must be installed and enabled in your browser for the window to populate properly):


Once on the Website, follow these steps:

1.Select the Macromedia Flash Player Settings Manager;

2.Select the Global Security Settings tab;

3.Select Always Allow and specify the location.

4.Click on the drop-down menu;

5.Edit Locations;

6.Select, Add Location;

7.Click on the Browse for folder button and locate the Brainshark folder within your local hard drive;

8.Press Confirm.


Once all of this is done, that folder location will appear in the text box below. This will allow future unhooked presentations to be viewable.  After that setting change has been made, view the Unhooked Flash presentation again.

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