Merging Content

A Brainshark slide can contain three elements: image, audio and attachment. You can replace any one of these by moving them from one presentation slide to another presentation slide without disrupting the other elements of the slide. For example, an author can replace a slide image while maintaining the audio. This process is referred to as "Merging Content".


To merge:

  1. Choose the presentation you wish to alter from your Presentations page;
  2. Select Edit. This will become the Destination Presentation;
  3. Choose Merge Content from the Things You can do menu;
  4. Select the Search for presentation button to select the presentation from which you will be merging the image, audio, or attachment. This will be the “Source” presentation;
  5. Identify the slide from which you wish to take the information by clicking on it so that it is highlighted, do the same for on the destination side;
  6. From the Replace menu in the middle of the screen, choose from replacing the image, audio or attachment;
  7. The selected element from the source presentation slide replaces the corresponding  element on the destination presentation while maintaining everything else on the destination slide. Repeat the process for each slide requiring changes;
  8. Click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom right of the screen to save the changes. A pop up box appears to advise of change. Click "OK" to confirm the changes or "Cancel" to cancel any changes.



When you replace the image, only the image is replaced.  The audio of the original slide will be maintained as well as the slide name.

Brainshark strongly suggests making a copy of the original presentation before using the merge feature.

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