Deleting a Brainshark Presentation

If you are the author of a presentation, or a company administrator with editing rights, you may delete a presentation. To delete a presentation, you must access the presentation in one of the ways below:


From the Presentations header:

  1. If your presentations are listed in the Details view:
  2. Left click on the presentation title
  3. From the list of drop down options select the Delete option
  4. If you do not see the Delete option but have a More option then click on “More” to get to the “Delete” option
  5. Click on Delete and follow the steps to complete the delete process


If you have your presentation listed in the Thumbnails view:

  1. Identify the presentation you wish to delete and click on the More link
  2. From the “More” link, select Delete.


From Edit presentation:

  1. Select Delete from the things I can do and follow the steps to complete the delete process


Note: There is no recycle bin in Brainshark.  Once a presentation is deleted, it cannot be restored, so be sure that you are deleting the correct presentation.

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