Adding users to SlideShark Team Edition

Issue: When trying to add a user to my SlideShark Team Edition account, I receive a message stating "This email address is already in use". What do I do? 

Solution: If you receive an error stating the email address for the user is already in use, and you have not already added that user to your Team Edition account, then that person has an individual SlideShark account associated with their email address. 

In order to add them to your Team Edition account with that same email address, you will need to instruct the individual to either change the email address associated with their personal SlideShark account, or cancel their personal SlideShark account:


Changing the Email Address:


    1. Log into your personal SlideShark account at
    2. Select the My Account link on the top right of your home page
    3. Change the email address listed in the “Email” field on the left hand side of the page

Through the SlideShark App 

    1. Log into the App
    2. Click the “Settings” icon > Then “Account”
    3. From here, you can edit your email address and username, or change your password


Cancelling the Personal Account:

    1. Log into the account at
    2. On the My Account page there will be a hyperlink that either states "Cancel Account" or "Cancel Subscription". Click that link
    3. If the link states "Cancel Subscription" please also contact Support so we can fully cancel the account and free up the individual's email address to be used in the Team Edition account. 
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