Minimum Requirements for Sync User in SFDC for Brainshark CRM Connector for Salesforce

Minimum User Privileges Required For Brainshark Salesforce Integration Sync


Administrative Permissions

  • API Enabled - Allows the user to use applications (Required)
  • API Only User - Allows the user to access Salesforce through API instead of the user interface. (Optional but recommended). Please note that enabling this bit will not allow the user to login using the UI.
  • Customize Applications - Allows the user to customize the Organization using App Setup menu options like workflows, creating custom fields, or  Lead settings. (Required by Brainshark to query the ‘Profile’ standard object)


General User Permissions

  • Edit Tasks - Allows the user to create, edit, and delete tasks (Required)


Standard Object Permissions required for data sync from Brainshark

  • Accounts - Read enabled
  • Cases - Read enabled
  • Contacts - Read enabled
  • Leads - Read enabled
  • Opportunities - Read enabled

Please enable read permissions on any other objects you would like to include Brainshark Content on.

Custom Object Permissions

  • Enable all permissions for all of the Brainshark custom objects.
  • All Brainshark_Learning__c custom fields should be readable and editable by the sync user.
  • Enable Read permissions for any of the other custom objects you would like to include Brainshark content on.


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