How do I create a new coaching challenge?

To access the Coaching module, click the “Coaching” tab on the top navigation bar in your Brainshark account.

    1. If your company administrator has allowed you to issue coaching challenges, you will see a blue “New Challenge” button on the right side of your screen
    2. Name your challenge and select participants by clicking the blue “Manage Participants” button and clicking the names of the individuals you’d like to invite.
    3. Click Save once you’ve selected the right participants
    4. In the Instructions section enter whatever details you want to provide to your participants so they can complete the challenge to the best of their ability.
    5. When you are ready, hit “Send”

Your participants will receive an email notification with a link to take the challenge and will be able to upload their submissions from any device and any location.

For more information on creating a coaching challenge, view this helpful tutorial.

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